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Watering Tips From Lafayette’s Top Lawn Mowing Service

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Watering Tips From Lafayette’s Top Lawn Mowing Service

Use Sparingly:

 Less is more when it comes to lawn care. Unlike the flowers and bushes in your garden, grass only needs to be watered once a week depending on what the soil type you have is. If you have clay heavy soil, watering twice a week may be necessary.  And don’t be afraid to let Mother Nature do you a favor by doing some of your work for you. 

However there is an exception to this rule. In areas that are high impact, like walkways, need a little more attention.  Also a lawn only needs about half an inch of water every week and it needs to be evenly distributed. To ensure watering is even, place a straight-sided cup or can through out the yard and measure the amount of water. On average about 20-30 minutes is sufficient to reach that amount of water.


Water Early In The Day:

             When you are watering, make sure you are watering at the best time.  Watering in the late afternoon can be counter productive. That is the heat of the day and the water evaporates too quickly, not allowing the grass to absorb it.

If you are watering in the evening, you are giving fungus the best opportunity to grow and harm your lawn.  This is one of the worst things people can do for their lawn right next to mowing the grass too short, but our lawn mowing service can take care of that for you.

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            The best time for watering your lawn is in the early morning around 6-10 a.m. This is the peek time that allows the water to get down into the roots without evaporating or causing damage to the grass.


Water Deeply: 

            When you are watering, make sure you aren’t just wetting the ground. Water needs to soak down into the roots making roots grow deep into the soil. Otherwise roots grow shallow and not very strong. Without deep, strong roots, the grass won’t have the ability to survive and can bounce back better. This is essential for residential lawn care


           For more information on our lawn mowing service, watering orlawn fertilizer services, feel free to contact us at (765) 588-3333. It would be our pleasure you assist you in making your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. 

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