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Top 5 Ways to Make Spring Come Faster – Lafayette, IN Lawn Care Services
A few weeks after Christmas hits, people all around the globe experience something called “Post-Holiday Blues.” We spent the first few weeks of December pining for the holiday season and the last week stuffing ourselves with as much honey-cured ham and peppermint mochas as we could possibly handle. When the beginning of January rolls around, most of us are in a state of confusion and shock as we try to figure out how the holidays flew by so quickly, and how many long weeks are left until the w...
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Snow Way Out of My Yard – Atlas Lawn Care Services Lafayette, IN
From the looks of it, a cold and snowy winter is ahead of us here in Lafayette. For those of us who’ve grown up in the Midwest, this is no surprise. We’re used to the bitter cold temperatures that freeze the tips of our fingertips the minute we walk outside, and the aggressive wind chill that always seems to be blowing in the opposite direction of where we are walking. Is that even possible?
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Don’t Break the Snow Bank – Affordable Lawn Care Services Lafayette, IN
Winter is a magical time of year. Neighbors sing carols by candlelight, grandmothers bake warm apple pie for those chilly nights by the fireplace, and children fervently compose endless lists to send to Santa Claus. Unfortunately, in order to gaze at breathtaking winter wonderlands, there has to be snow. And with snow comes icy winter roads, slushy driveways, and hidden sidewalks. It’s not quite as magical. But have no fear, you don’t have to face the arctic vortex alone! Companies like Atlas ...
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Falling Behind: Lawn Care Services in Lafayette, IN
Is your beautiful yard buried under piles of fallen leaves? Are you at your whit's end trying to rake them all, only to have a fresh layer of leaves covering your yard a few days later? Have no fear, Atlas Lawn Care is here to remove those massive leaf piles from your lawn!
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Getting Ready for Spring: Slit Seeding Your Yard
Spring may seem a long way off, but when it comes to your yard and landscaping, a bit of early planning will go a long way towards producing a beautiful outdoor area once the warmer weather arrives.
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What Should Your Fall Lawn Treatment Schedule Look Like?
There are several factors involved in maintaining a healthy lawn. One of the most important is having a seasonal treatment schedule to ensure that your lawn and entire yard look their best.
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Atlas lawn care can help clean up the Autumn leaves from the lawn of your home or business. Your time is precious, so let the lawn care professionals take care of the heavy labor. We offer leaf removal and can haul them away, or bag them up for pickup.