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Residential & Commercial Lawn Care - Lafayette, IN

No two landscapes are alike. At Atlas Lawn Care, we know that your yard is unique and we’ll give it the individual attention it needs to thrive and enhance your property. We offer several lawn care services for your convenience.

Professional Lawn Mowing CompaniesProfessional Lawn Mowing Services 

Whether you’re home or at your business, you should be able to enjoy your landscape, without needing to constantly worry about mowing or trimming your lawn. Atlas Lawn Care’s lawn mowing service will ensure that you have a beautiful, healthy, lush lawn. We know the ideal height your lawn should be and will make sure it’s never overgrown nor shorter than 2 ½ to 3 inches high.  We offer our customers a choice of weekly or bi-weekly schedules. Neighborhood lawn service discounts of $75 per acre are also available. The more of your neighbors sign up for our lawn mowing service, the less you pay.

Making sure your lawn is always looking its best is what we do at a fair price and in a timely manner. 

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Mulch Delivery in West Lafayette, Lafayette INAtlas Lawn Care Mulch Service

We offer mulch delivery service for the do-it-yourself gardener, as well as a complete mulching service for those who prefer to leave the hard work to us.

We have several types of mulch available. Our chemical-free playground mulch is so-called because it’s safe for both people and pets. We also place a weed barrier under the mulch. We never use stones, brick chips or plastic. Customers may request any particular mulch from us as well.  We can deliver mulch to your home or business. Delivery is only $15 for West Lafayette and $35 for Lafayette, which is a little further away from us. For $58 a yard, we’ll deliver and install the mulch. There’s a $75 minimum for this service.

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Lawn Maintenance: Hedge and Bush Trimmings Hedge Trimming 

We trim and shape your hedges and bushes according to the type of plants in question. We take shape, size and leaf density into account before we start trimming, to give your landscape a symmetrical, polished look.  Our hedge and brush trimming services are typically done twice a year, but you pay us only once for this yearly yard maintenance task.  

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Seasonal Lawn Care and Snow RemovalSeasonal Lawn Care

Seasonal Lawn Care Services and Snow Removal
Do you find yourself overwhelmed by fall leaves?  We’ll remove any leaves from your property and dispose of them properly.  Is it too cold and windy to deal with the latest snowfall? Why risk hurting yourself or falling on the slippery pavement? Let Atlas Lawn Care make things right with our seasonal lawn care services and snow removal!

Seasonal Services

Why Choose our Lawn Care Services? 

First, we’ll give you a fair, accurate quote. We’ll then provide a service tailored to your particular property and landscaping needs. If needed, we can also partner with other local businesses to make sure that the job is done right. All this at a competitive price with no hidden costs.

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Featured Service

Atlas lawn care can help clean up the Autumn leaves from the lawn of your home or business. Your time is precious, so let the lawn care professionals take care of the heavy labor. We offer leaf removal and can haul them away, or bag them up for pickup.